Emacs and DropBox Integration

If you use more than one computer chances are that you use DropBox to keep a number of often used files syncronized and at hand.

I also like to have at least a somewhat similar configuration of various programs on systems. With respect to emacs I have the following .emacs

;; For convenience add the dropbox directory as a variable
;; and set the default directory to that very same one
;; Thus, when storing files you 'start path' will be in
;; the dropbox.
(setq dropbox-directory "c:/Users/mj/Documents/My Dropbox/")
(setq default-directory dropbox-directory)

;; Add the dropbox/emacs dir to the load path
(setq load-path (cons (concat dropbox-directory "emacs/") load-path)

;; Load the settings that I want on all computers
(load "mj-startup")

Of course you need to modify the paths to fit with your DropBox setup and your choice of extra setup.

You can use the comment system below or send my an email mic.jacobsen@gmail.com

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