• Full name: Michael Jacobsen
  • Born March 13, 1976 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Address: Åmosevej 32, 2610 Rødovre.


  • Ph.D at the Technical University of Denmark (2000-2003). Title: “Modular Regularization Algorithms”
  • M.Sc in Engineering at the Tecnical University of Denmark (1995-2000). The major projects were
    • Master thesis: “Two-Grid Preconditioners for Discrete Ill-Posed Problems” (pdf)
    • Midway project: “Image Restoration using the PP-TSVD” (pdf)
    • “Fagpakke” project: “Fractal Image Compression”

Employment History

  • Principal Software Engineer (2014 - 2021) at Kofax.

  • Developer at TNM Consult ApS (2004 - present). Developing software for Windows (Desktop and Mobile/PDA), embedded systems, definitions and specification of communication standards. Leader of the developer team.

  • Developer at DSC Communications/Tellabs/Alcatel - the company was sold twice in the period where I worked there (1997 - 2000). Windows programming and development of a simulation tool.

  • Assistant teacher at the Technical University of Denmark in various courses (1996-2003):

  • Numerical Analysis

  • C++ programming

  • Optimization

  • Scientific Computing

  • Network and computer support at Hempel Marine Paints (1995-1997)

Language Skills

Danish is my native language. I communicate well in English both in written and spoken form. I did learn German in high school but I would merely survive in a German only speaking country.

IT Skills

Currently I’m working with the following languages:

  • C# and the .NET Framework. I’ve developed applications with ASP.NET Web Services as back end for a Winforms application. I’ve also developed a .NET Compact Framework application that uses SQL CE when running offline. I have also created a couple of ASP.NET pages that display historic data and make “what if” simulations of pricing of pigs. Also experience with Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation.

  • C/C++ with standard UNIX libraries. I’ve made a series of CGI scripts to run and display the FarmWatch model. The application runs on a (relatively) small embeded system. I’ve also done some network programming where I create ESP packets in order to communicate with standard IPSec routers. I’ve also developed custom additions to a FreeBSD based router.

  • Many small on/off projects, scripts and tools are made with Python.

  • A couple of internal tools are made with the Ruby On Rails framework.

  • Currently I’m trying to pick up F# a OCaml derived language for the .NET framework.

  • During my studies I have worked extensively with Matlab.

  • Certified SCRUM Master

  • Basic Windows Active Directory Administration

  • Basic Linux/Unix administration


  • M.Sc Thesis: Two-Grid iterative methods for Ill-Posed Problems (pdf)

  • Ph.D. Thesis: Modular Regularization (pdf)

  • M. Jacobsen, P.C. Hansen, J.M. Rasmussen og Heino Sørensen: “The PPTSVD algorithm for image restoration problems”, in P.C. Hansen, B.H. Jacobsen og K. Mosegaard (eds.), Methods and Applications of Inversion, Springer, 2000. (pdf)

  • M. Jacobsen, P.C. Hansen og M. Saunders: “Subspace preconditioned LSQR for discrete ill-posed problems”, BIT, Vol. 43 Supplement (2003).

  • A. Al-Akkad, T. Janke, M. Jacobsen. Enhancing the exchange of medical data between vets and farmers. MobileHCI 2011 13th International Conference on HumanComputer Interaction Mobile HCI 2011 Workshop Mobile Work EfficiencyEnhancing Workflows with Mobile Devices, ACM, to appear