About Me

Welcome to my homepage where you will find examples and explanations of what I am doing. It also serves as the playground for various experiments.

In addition to this web site, standard email and snail-mail you can reach me through a number of other means. I have collected some of the places that I use which also includes some kind of social dimension:

GithubVarious spare time projects
Last.fmMy scrobbling account
GoodreadsBooks I've read, reading or intend to read
DiigoMy link repository
Snail Mail Michael Jacobsen
Åmosevej 32
DK-2610 Rødovre


I work at IQinAbox ApS

Academic Story

I made my Ph.D. thesis Modular Regularization Algorithms (pdf) at Informatics and Mathematical Modelling at The Technical University of Denmark. The work was supervised by Professor Per Christian Hansen.

Per Christain Hansen also supervised my my Masters Thesis Two-Grid Iterative Methods for Ill-Posed Problems (pdf). The software, MOORe Tools, created during the study is also available. After I finished my Ph.D, Toke Koldborg Jensen took over maintenance. However, as he finished his Ph.D, maintenance is now in the hands of Per Christian Hansen. Toke worked with us at TNM Consult for about a year. However, he is now back at The Technical University of Denmark, albeit working with fish! It seems that working with inverse problems leads to jobs within the area of food.


You can find my curriculum vitae here.