Visual Studio 2008 GUID Macro

I have never completely understood why Visual Studio had to start another (graphical) utility in order to create GUIDs. I’m all for the UNIX kind of small (text based) utilities than can be combined. Furthermore, this utility creates GUID in formats that are useful to C++ programmers. Why have they not used the built in Macro system?

On the other hand it makes it possible for me to try out Visual Studio macro programming. Unfortunately the macro language is Visual Basic and it hurts my eyes, but for this small job I should be able to survive.

So here it is

Public Module Module1

  Sub InsertGuid()        
    Dim doc As EnvDTE.Document
    Dim sel As EnvDTE.TextSelection

    doc = DTE.ActiveDocument
    sel = doc.Selection        
  End Sub

End Module

That is, take the active document. Find the current point and insert a newly created GUID (as text). And viola, we have a Guid which we can attach a keyboard shortcut to. No need to start another GUI application.

And finally my wish to future versions of Visual Studio:

Please allow other languages than VB.NET (C#, F# and IronPython comes to mind (or how about elisp))