Provisioning a Windows Mobile PDA for developement

I had my old Windows Pocket PC 2003 stolen from my office and until now I have developed on the emulator. However, now the need for a physical device has come up and I got the HP IPAQ 214.

The old PDA was plug’n’play with respect to developing, that is, deploying from Visual Studio and so is the emulators. However, the iPAQ 214 did not allow me to deploy due to some security permissions. As it was the first time I ran into this problem I fumbled arround until I discovered that I should copy the file from the Windows Mobile 6 SDK to the device (via Active Sync) and run it (using File Explorer on the device).

Now I have access.

Other notes

Sometimes ActiveSync fails to connect to the emulator. My solution is to go to File->Connection Settings and remove the check for “Allow connections to one of the following:” where the drop down box below has “DMA” selected. Click OK, go back in the settings and recheck the box. Now ActiveSync and the emulator connects…