Emacs and DropBox Integration

If you use more than one computer chances are that you use DropBox to keep a number of often used files syncronized and at hand.

I also like to have at least a somewhat similar configuration of various programs on systems. With respect to emacs I have the following .emacs

;; For convenience add the dropbox directory as a variable
;; and set the default directory to that very same one
;; Thus, when storing files you 'start path' will be in
;; the dropbox.
(setq dropbox-directory "c:/Users/mj/Documents/My Dropbox/")
(setq default-directory dropbox-directory)

;; Add the dropbox/emacs dir to the load path
(setq load-path (cons (concat dropbox-directory "emacs/") load-path)

;; Load the settings that I want on all computers
(load "mj-startup")

Of course you need to modify the paths to fit with your DropBox setup and your choice of extra setup.