Podcast list

When washing dishes, mowing the lawn or during commute I enjoy listening to podcasts. The following is a list of my favorite podcasts. I link to their homepage, but you can most likely also find them via iTunes or whatever podcast software you happen to use.

First we take the podcasts in English:

  • Hanselminutes is a weekly show with main emphasis on Microsoft technologies, but also other geek related tips. The host Scott Hanselman is very good at asking his guests questions and make them explain things such that the listener can understand. Each episode is about 30 minutes, which I find to be a perfect length.

  • Dot net rocks is now at almost 700 shows. As the title implies it deals with Microsoft .NET technology. Each episode is around one hour long, which occasionally is to much. The shows are usually based around an interview with a developer of some kind.

  • Skeptoid tries to take an scientific approach to conspiracy theories, urband legends etc. The features many cool subjects.

  • WNYC’s Radiolab is an very well produced science show.

  • Science Friday produce two one-hour episodes each week where scientists are interviewed about their work.

  • Runas Radio is a show similar to Dotnet rocks but dealing with IT issues such as storage, administration, virtualization etc. However, now and then it has a show that is interesting to a developer like me.

I also enjoy a couple of podcasts in my native language (Danish). They are all produced by Danmarks Radio, the national public radio of Denmark which proves that we get something for our money.

  • Harddisken is a IT/technology show including news.

  • Videnskabens Verden is a science show somewhat similar to Science Friday.

  • Detektor is a fact-checking show. Statements from politicians, news-papers etc. are checked to see if they are valid or not. Every serious media should have a show like this to keep the level of invalid information low.

  • Fodboldmagasinet a show about football (the European soccer kind). One hour of discussion about the previous weekends matches in Denmark, England, Germany, Spain and Italy.