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Michael Jacobsen
Welcome to my homepage where you will find examples and explanations of what I am doing. It also serves as the playground for various experiments. In addition to this web site, standard email and snail-mail you can reach me through a number of other means. I have collected some of the places that I use which also includes some kind of social dimension: GithubVarious spare time projects Facebookhttp:s// Twitter@jackson_dk Skypejackson_dk4799 Last.


Michael Jacobsen
Basics Full name: Michael Jacobsen Born March 13, 1976 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Address: Åmosevej 32, 2610 Rødovre. Education Ph.D at the Technical University of Denmark (2000-2003). Title: “Modular Regularization Algorithms” M.Sc in Engineering at the Tecnical University of Denmark (1995-2000). The major projects were Master thesis: “Two-Grid Preconditioners for Discrete Ill-Posed Problems” (pdf) Midway project: “Image Restoration using the PP-TSVD” (pdf) “Fagpakke” project: “Fractal Image Compression” Employment History Principal Software Engineer (2014 - 2021) at Kofax.